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10 Insane Forms Of Martial Arts You Don’t Know Of Sports Trending 

10 Insane Forms Of Martial Arts You Don’t Know Of

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10 Crazy Types Of Martial Arts You Don’t Understand Of

#7 Okichitaw


Okichitaw is one of the last developed fighting styles of Native Americans. It is first detected among the Plains Cree First Nations. Those who practiced Okichitaw were able to learn how to use a gunstock war club and tomahawk, in order they fight their way through their enemy.

#8 Silat

Silat is among the last developed fighting techniques detected in headhunting tribes in the realm of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Silat combined hundreds of style forms, likewise grappling, throws, and even usage of blades. Even nowadays, numerous military group make use of this combat style.

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