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36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching Health & Fitness Trending 

36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching

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36 Muscle Stretch Fitness Exercises For a Perfect Workout Plans

#3 Frog Pose

The Frog Pose will also affect your adductors. It is a muscle stretch for your groins, hence you have pressure on your knees as well. Practice this one on a soft surface, rest your hands and knees, and then try to bring your knees wider until you feel your groin muscles. You will feel different bits of your body as you move your hips back and forth.


#4 Wide Side Lunge Pose

To further affect your adductors, try out a wide side lunge pose, thus put your both feet forward in a wide stance, and hold your legs as straight as you could possibly manage. With your hands, walk to your right foot, then, bend your right knee and rotate your left toes upwards, whilst you are sitting in your right hip. Your right foot should stay flat on the ground.

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