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From kick boxing to martial arts – here at CombatSportsLive.TV we want to move your ass with some of the hottest stuff and events from the combat sports & MMA industry worldwide!

This is dome of all MMA related information – a place where you can access info on the latest combat sports events, trivia about the best UFC fighters, and see some inspiring featured stories about the greatest living combat heroes, as well as legends throughout history, like Muhammad Ali, Jackie Chen, Bruce Lee and beyond.

See some astonishing compilations and videos of kick boxing, mixed martial arts, street work out, wrestling, Jiu-jitsu or aikido – from East to West, we report on each combat sport practice on this planet.


We are here to entertain all combat sport lovers, but also to bring you the latest updates from eminent nation and worldwide championships, inspire you to run, work out and fight, and provide you with extra tips to achieve the best body outlook you have always wanted to have.

So, welcome!