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Amazing Story of Bruce Lee – Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master Entertainment Health & Fitness 

Amazing Story of Bruce Lee – Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master

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Bruce Lee was more than a Kung Fu action hero. The amazing story of Bruce Lee tells us how he accidentally redefined martial arts, as well as he helped the establishment of Asian celebrities in Hollywood. His heritage went to become a doctrine, creation, expression and personal betterment that transcended martial arts. He had honed his craft so well, that filmmakers frequently told him to slow down his moves, or they would just slow down the movie in post production editing. But what else is there that we can learn and apply to our private and professional lives based on the brief, however illustrious career of Bruce Lee?

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“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my pal,” has said Bruce Lee. 
Amazing Story of Bruce Lee - Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master
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This is one of Bruce Lee well-known quotations and for a great reason. Adjusting to conditions or your environment might be a key to your success. You are going to stay stagnant if you resist change or development. Water is concurrently the most adaptable and softest natural element; yet it has the strength unlike any other natural force. That second part essentially says that you just be discerning when you understand to be consistent, and should reveal force just when needed. This is virtually an expansion of the doctrine born out of Wing Chung and Kung Fu, that Lee loved so sincerely.

Bruce Lee’s Back Injury and Recovery

Amazing Story of Bruce Lee - Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master
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At the pinnacle of his career, Bruce Lee had began to dedicate himself in bringing his body to a physical state that was maximum. While performing ‘Good Morning’ face lifts (an exercise where you put a barbell across your shoulders and after that bend over at the hips), with the equivalent of his body weight at the time, he heard a loud pop.

He sought medical attention after being in constant pain for several days. The results were that he endured a serious spinal cord injury. He was ordered to rest, and the diagnosis was that he would not be able to further practice martial arts. Although this was terrible, and Lee was not released from back pain for the remaining part of his life, not only did he return to teaching and practicing his precious martial arts, he also continued making movies.

This is obviously the lesson that you can conquer apparently insurmountable challenges when you persist in the right way. Based on Bruce Lee himself: “As you believe, so shall you become.”

If you love life, don’t squander time, for time is what life consists of ~ Bruce Lee

Amazing Story of Bruce Lee - Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master
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After his back injury, naturally a rehabilitation period followed for Lee. The period was torturous for him, and he would be frequently seen reading a novel, but also working on 3 publications during this interval. He took each period of his life to its advantage, and a little known is the fact that during this time interval, he also conceptualized the hugely popular show “Kung Fu”. The television series followed a Kung Fu monk as he traveled the countryside and solved issues. The setting of the show was in the Wild West. But the next period would be bit tricky and slightly more difficult for him.

“You cannot force the Now. — But can you neither condemn nor justify and yet be extraordinarily alive as you walk on? You can never invite the wind, but you must leave the window open.”

Amazing Story of Bruce Lee - Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master
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After his break, he pursued with his performing career, but faced disappointments when he was not offered some new roles. After numerous procrastinated beginnings in L.A., he visited Hong Kong, but not with the explicit purpose of identifying an opportunity. Like water, he streamed and he stumbled upon the new opportunities. Whilst in Hong Kong, and after appearing on couple of talk shows, he found out that Hong Kong studios and producers were interested in him. Then, producer Raymond Chow approached him with two new filming proposals on behalf the Golden Harvest studio, and Lee would begin the filming of the renowned Fists of Fury movie first.

“To hell with circumstances; I create chances” ~ Bruce Lee

Amazing Story of Bruce Lee - Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master
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With both the new movies portraying still a less quality compared to what Lee was used to in the States, he was still observed as a tremendous success, both in the US and Hong Kong. Hollywood was anyway taking notice of Bruce Lee as observed him as a movie star. In 1972, Warner Bros film studio consented to a combined American – Hong Kong production for the release of Enter the Dragon. It would become the first combined effort between foreign production business and Hollywood. At the time of the deal, Lee was in the midst of filming The Game of Passing, that was put on hold, only to be later on conceptualized under the above mentioned title. Enter the Dragon was officially released in August 1973.

Creation of the Legend

Amazing Story of Bruce Lee - Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master
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One could learn many lessons from the life path of the great Kung Fu master. The amazing story of Bruce Lee portrays a real struggle for him to perfect his Kung Fu skillfulness, as after the injury he was plagued with perpetual back pain. But he was a real enthusiast to persist through all that pain. He undergo a regime of massages, icing, and occasional usage of painkillers when the pain would intensify. It was the 20th of July 1973 when Lee laid down for  a rest, and took a Equagesic, a pain killer that was prescribed for him. Sadly, he would never wake up. Although there was conjecture of wrongdoing and unnatural reasons for his departure, world-famous pathologists said that his departure was due to brain swelling as a result of susceptibility to an ingredient in Equagesic. He would never see the debut of his first Hollywood movie, Enter the Dragon, and would never finish The Match of Passing. After would also follow a posthumous film that did not just do wonders to conspiracy theorists, but that will also depict a story line about an extremely renowned Kung Fu movie star that must fake his death to locate the folks that are attempting to kill him. The incomplete movie, titled The Game of Death, was twisted with a recycled footage and stock video at the end. Nonetheless, the amazing story of Bruce Lee teaches as numerous mental, physical and institutionalized challenges about which we can learn from the great Kung Fu master. His life opened parables showing the power of the human spirit, and Lee left a vast heritage to the movie industry and the world as a whole.

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