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[18+] See Video of 10 Worst Injuries in UFC history. The Scariest of All MMA Fight Injuries & Knockouts Sports Trending 

[18+] See Video of 10 Worst Injuries in UFC history. The Scariest of All MMA Fight Injuries & Knockouts

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That’s gotta hurt: These Ten MMA Fight injuries & knockouts look really nasty

Any sport on the planet deals with some serious injuries and knockouts that unfortunately do happen. However, in MMA fighting, those injuries can sometimes look a lot more brutal. That’s far from the idea and the spirit of MMA, but painful injuries and knockouts can happen.


For instance, Yoshiro Takayama got his face quite destroyed after a brutal fight with Don Frye. He did not looked quite happy about it on the press conference afterwards, but any MMA fighter that engages in MMA fighting is aware that this could eventually happen at some point during their career. The photo above speaks volumes of how much it could possibly hurt to have your face all blasted away.


Or you just do not wish to see the hematoma that Marcus Davis earned after a wild round of brutal fight with Nate Diaz. Or how Brandon Vera have earned a broken nose after a fight with Thiago Silva. In fact, his nose looked quite displaced after the fight, like smashed from a meteor.


Not every other MMA fight can look this scary, not all fight injuries and knockouts are this brutal, but the video below depicts some of the worst injuries that have happened throughout the UFC history. Take a look, but please note that the content is disturbing, hence watching this video is not allowed if you are under 18 years old.

Scariest MMA fight injuries & knockouts – worst injuries in UFC history

Video source: The Diacl

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