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US Coach Terms Boxing Judging Worst Since 1988 Olympics Entertainment Sports 

US Coach Terms Boxing Judging Worst Since 1988 Olympics

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 17, 2016 (AFP) – Highly honored boxing trainer Billy Walsh said on Wednesday that the standard of judging at the Rio Olympics was the worst he’d seen since the ill-famed Roy Jones Jr scandal in 1988.

Recreational boxing’s world governing body, the AIBA, says an undisclosed variety of officials has lost after at least two exceptionally contentious judging choices in as many days set Olympic boxing in the pier.

Billy Walsh, coming from Ireland, is a trainer for the USA, and saw American lightweight Mikaela Mayer endure defeat on points to a Russian, in front of a largely anti-American crowd on Monday. He labeled this decision as insane.

The same day, a Russian heavyweight was adjudged to have won the gold medal showdown with a Kazakh, when most in the crowd believed otherwise, to a third Russian fighter an Irish world champion lost on Tuesday.

Billy Walsh was pleased to see reigning Olympic middleweight champ Claressa Shields not endure exactly the same destiny to Russia’s Iaroslava Iakushina. He has stated that there have been a number of favorites which have been defeated already, and that it is not understandable under such ways this has been happening.

“You cannot be certain (of a choice) and that became quite clear early on (in Rio).”

Asked by AFP where the standard of judging in Rio ranked compared to what he’d seen at previous Olympics, Walsh said: “To me it’s back to where we were in 1988, when Roy Jones got robbed in the final.”

The final at Seoul 1988 has gone down as one the most infamous decision in Olympic boxing history, when success was granted by judges to the home combatant, Park Si-Hun aside he had taken quite some beating. The scoring system was afterwards altered.

Walsh added he was happy to learn the AIBA had proceed to address the Rio controversy in removing some officials, for what the body called that it is less than smattering of determinations not at the amount anticipated.

The London 2012 middleweight champ, Shields, got the better of Iakushina in their quarter final to ensure at least bronze.

She seemed to win and the judges agreed, giving her an unanimous points win, but the 21-year old confessed she was nervous about the hullaballo on the judging decisions in the last couple of days.

“I saw some rather lousy judging yesterday, particularly when individuals are facing Russia, so it did give me a little panic, but overall the judges can’t be God,” she said.

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